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We are sure that if you are on the Internet, you have heard of Google Earth and probably have used it too. It doesn’t matter if you have or have not used it, these are some useful informations about the program which serves you a 3D map of the planet.

The idea was firstly brought up to the world by Keyhole, a German company. The project was released in its first form in the year of 2001 under the name of Earth Viewer. The program was well liked and brought on the market again in 2005, updated and with the changed name of Google Earth, the name that stuck. The idea is quite amazing indeed: Google Earth uses a system of aerial photographs and pictures from the satellites to convey a 3D representation of what our planet looks like.

google-earth (3)

While the program is well known, a least known fact is that it comes in more than one version. We get the first version, which is free of charge and available to everybody who wants to download it. This version is still extremely good and shows you the street view of your house (we all do it), but the second version of Google Earth comes with some added features. For this type of Google Earth you have to pay 40 dollars but it will pay off with new and interesting new possibilities.

However, the pay-for program is most likely to be useful to large companies.

Even if you knew about these two, you might have not heard about a third version coming on the market: Google Earth 5.0. This program is currently in beta trials, but when it comes to the market it promises to give the user a more in-depth experience. You will not only search for places, but you will also receive information about that area, with an accent on history.

The controls of the program remain the same: you can go to an exact address very easily: using your mouse to zoom in or out you will not only get to your ‘destination’ but you will also get different views of the area (town/city view or street view, all in 3D).

Google Earth is constantly adding information to their database to ensure the best user experience possible. Every single day they add the street view feature to more and more cities, but there are a few features that will probably make you excited that you can find in the last version of the program.


They have a ‘flight simulator’ built in the program which means that you can see plane routes and actually planes flying from one country to another. And, if you are a space fan, you will be interested in finding out that Google Earth now has a representation of the planet Mars.