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Both iOS 9 and Android M will come out with a bang. These two operating systems will come out this fall season. Keep on reading to find out more about their differences and similarities.

Launch date for iOS 9 and Android M

Android M was first heard about back in May at the I/O convention. It will roll out to Nexus devices (3rd semester of 2015) while for the rest of the devices it will take a bit longer.

As for the iOS 9, it was made public in June at the WWDC convention. The latter OS will not be rolled out until the upcoming iPhone will be launched.



Android M is packed with:

  • Material Design ( mirrors the Android Lollipop one)
  • renewed app drawer
  • a revamped look for the clock.

No major enhancements with iOS 9 on the other hand, besides the font style that has been added. However, there is a novelty regarding the latter OS. Apple is working on the “Intelligence” element. This means that based on your day-to-day habits, your device will immediately know what feature or app to activate (a system based on touches that you perform on a daily basis). A new API might also roll out with the iOS 9, the latter functionality will be integrated in the bar of the operating system.

Google Now vs. Siri

Android M can brag with its newest addition, the Google Now. This means, that Google Now can solve your puzzlement depending on the app you are using. Here is an example to make things clearer. When you are listening to a song if you ask “what’s her stage name”? Google will then provide you with the answer.


Siri will also come in handy. If you’re meeting a new client for instance, Siri can track your data from your inbox and add the name of the client you’re meeting to the homescreen. This will make it a lot easier for you to get in touch with them.

Battery Improvements

iOS 9 will sport a brand new power mode which will be set on low, this means you get additional hours of battery life duration. Android M on the other hand comes with a new feature, moniker Doze. This will enhanced the standby duration with the help of motion detectors. So when you‘re not operating on your phone, this will immediately switch to power down, so that you can save more battery.

Plus you also have the Standby element which will keep your existing apps on the low mode when your phone is in standby for several minutes. And the fact that you will have a USB-C means the device will charge in no time.

Mobile deposits for both iOS 9 & Android M

Those of you who were familiar with Google Wallet should now look forward to the revamped version which will be known as Android Pay. It will use NFC which will permit you to initiate payments in various places across the US.

iOS 9.1, iOS 9.1 Update, Apple

The new Apple Pay is basically the same old story, however Apple has extended its markets. Starting with the month of July, users can recur to Apple Pay to buy tickets for public transportation means in London for instance.