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Do you know it is possible for you to make free calls from Viber to other Viber installed numbers today?

Well, apart from these free calls, you can make free voice, text and video calls too, not forgetting sending photo messages to other application users.

If you have heard of the many amazing features Viber instant messaging app brings and how many people all over the world are saving lots of money using this app, you will definitely want to have a feel of what it’s got to offer.

Viber, Viber 5, App

Well, in order to benefit from this app, you will need to download the app and install it on your device. Viber is not pre-installed on every Android device like WhatsApp is. So, you will need to visit the Google Play Store to download and install it.

Check your Internet Connection

Viber works only on an internet connection and nothing else, which is the same if you want to download and install it. This means, you need to ensure your data connection is high and also strong to download it. Whether you use Wi-Fi or Mobile data, make sure the internet is in perfect state before you decide to download the app.

Your Google Play Store Should Work Fine

There are times when people have to deal with issues regarding their Google Play Store. If you are unable to open your Google Play Store very well to see all categories of games, etc; it will be difficult for you to download this app also very well.

The App is For Free

Downloading Viber is for free. So, do not be bothered about having to pay some amount of money before you can download and install it. If you have a Facebook account, you can login into Viber with those account details. This makes it very easy to get into your account.

Viber Update Available with Back Up Messages and GIFs

Some Features of Viber You Should Know Of

It is very true that Viber is a mobile app. However, it doesn’t mean it cannot be installed on platforms such as computers and tablets. The app offers some of the best syncing abilities that most instant messaging apps do not have. You need to have a mobile number before you can install Viber on your device.

You do not have to go through long processes in order to install the app on your device. Also, after installation, it automatically syncs your contacts to the app and you can start making calls and sending instant messages instantly.