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The new WhatsApp version for Android is available for download and it allows you to save messages, but for some reason, it makes the Google Drive feature to disappear.

According to the developers of WhatsApp, they are going to release a new version of WhatsApp for Android devices and they are going to make the Google Drive feature function once again.

WhatsApp-Android-update (1)

They’ve re-added the Google Drive feature on the WhatsApp 2.12.228 BETA version, but soon enough they’ve released the WhatsApp 2.12.235 (which is actually the latest BETA version). Unfortunately, the Google Drive feature is not found on the latest WhatsApp BETA version for Android.

Some reports say that the new Google Drive feature for WhatsApp is only found on devices that run on Android Lollipop. Other reports say that the WhatsApp version that contains the Google Drive feature is not found yet on the Google Play Store. Things are pretty confusing about this and the developers WhatsApp will need to come with an official announcement about what’s going on.

However, when the Google Drive feature will finally be available for WhatsApp, you will be able to save your WhatsApp chat history on the cloud. With other words, in case you will lose your device or if it will get stolen, you will be able to retrieve all your WhatsApp chat history from Google Drive.

The users who have this feature already available for the WhatsApp application can head to the WhatsApp’s Settings->Chat and Calls->Chat Backup and select the “Backup” button. After that, they will need to give permission for WhatsApp and Google Drive save the chat history on the cloud.


WhatsApp Google Drive

The developers of WhatsApp have announced that they are still working on fixing some bugs and this is the main reason why there are some users who can’t see the Google Drive feature. They’ve also confirmed that the WhatsApp Google Drive feature will soon be available for all Android users.

Did you manage to make a backup of your WhatsApp chat history on the cloud via the Google Drive feature?