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For some time now, Google Inbox has made some slight, but improved changes to their email designs, in order to give their users more flexibility and excitement.

However, not many people have sat down to recognize and appreciate these changes. Gmail inbox was designed or created with the idea of users having an easier way to share information with their friends, loved ones or business partners.

Also, it was designed to control the amount of unwanted emails that take over important emails or clog the inboxes of users.

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It is very true that the new Gmail has some of the best and easy to use features in the industry now. This doesn’t mean it is a perfect inbox now, without its flaws. Although the new changes might be amazing for some people, it might not be so breathtaking for others. This is why you just need to consider the different features, one step at a time.

Reminders Now Has Better Treatment

Previously, the reminders in Gmail inboxes had almost no value. However, it is not the same now. You can determine or decide which reminders are dismissed or snoozed by swiping them. Also, there is an ‘assist’ alternative that comes with this feature. This option works almost like a personal assistant or secretary to make your life very easy.

The New Highlight System is great

Some time back, all emails from hotels, purchases, ad sites, friends, colleagues, businesses, etc. were sent to one email. Although this seemed fine at the time, it is a shoddy way to stay organized by all standards. This is why the highlights system has made life easier and better for all.

Also, with this system, sifting through emails is no longer an issue to be bothered about. All you need to do is to open and you will be able to know the important emails from the non-important. Important emails are highlighted in the form of attractive cards, so you know whether an email is important or not.

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Bundles Feature Has Indeed Added More

The ‘bundle’ feature is almost the same as the ‘tabs’ feature. However, there are some improvements. The bundles feature helps in sorting out and portioning unique emails for the users. Emails like notifications and promotions are easily blocked with this feature. Everything that Google does is to improve the life of its users. So, all you need to do is benefit from this feature whenever you can.