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Temple Run will go down in history as one of the games that took the running gaming world into a new direction or a new level of success.

Yes, there are so many games that were introduced before Temple Run. However, they never achieved the level of success this game has achieved in few years. Today, the success of Temple Run has been pushed into the release of Temple Run 2 and the world of game lovers is at it once again.

Not a lot of smartphone games can say without a doubt that they took the world over with their games.


However, Temple Run with its new Temple Run 2 can proudly say it. No wonder, it is easily one of the most loved and popular games on Android, Amazon Marketplace and iOS; gladly reaching a total download of more than 200 million all over the world.

Download Temple Run 2 Easily

When Temple Run 2 was released, a lot of people had issues downloading it. However, its release on iOS and thereafter, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace got a lot of love.

It is not so difficult to see why this game is loved and appreciated all over the world. Even with Temple Run 2 in the system, there are so many people who still download the first Temple Run, because they want to complete that before they play its sequel.

All you need to do is to enter any of the stores like iOS store, Amazon Marketplace and Google Play Store and search for it. When you do, you will be able to easily download and install it on your device to start playing. Download is for free as well, so start downloading today.

Playing Temple Run 2 to Release Stress


Generally, smartphone games are seen as the best games that can be played in short bursts. Although you cannot pause it, you can play it bit by bit, every day till you reach the levels you want to. For workers, playing Temple Run 2 during lunch breaks has a unique way of affecting and bringing them alive to face the other half of the day at work.

This game only needs you to be highly focused, which means, you need to be able to subconsciously drown out the world that is around you. So, as you release stress, you are able to build your level of concentration even better.