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Having a flexible and carefree life sometimes pays.

Due to our long work schedules and the hassles of work life, most people tend to find it very difficult even to relax and take a time off. This can be very dangerous considering the level of break downs most people have had over the years.

No wonder the internet has the very best games and other interesting applications to make us loosen up and relax more. This helps to take off the excess stress and makes us stand out in every way.


Google Maps Should Be Your Friend

There are times when taking a nice day away from the business meetings and conferences, where you need Google Maps to direct you to help a lot. It is true that Google is a center where massive information is gathered.

However, taking your time to relax and trying to find a way around, staying busy all the time, even with Google is very possible. During your weekends, you need to know who the boss is and try to put your business down for some time.

Making Google Maps your friend is what you really need to take into consideration. It is time to get into the world of Pac-Man. Just open your Google Maps app and search for your village or home town. There are times when your current location will not make for the best Pac-Man app. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can decide to begin with Manhattan.

Start with Google Maps Pac-Man

To begin the game on your existing map, you will need to click on the box in the lower left corner with your Pac-Man image or screenshot. When you do this, whatever map you were viewing has been automatically transformed into a Pac-Man level.


Make use of the arrows on your keyboard to turn Pac-Mac around when you are in tricky corners and move smoothly through diagonal streets. The map does not scroll. This means the Pac-Man will resurface at the street on your screens opposite, when you get to the edge – just like when you play an arcade games.

This is one of the ways Google tries to get your mind off work and make you relax with Pac-Man. So, you should start appreciating Google as an entertainment hub even more than an information gathering and provision center.