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Free Apps

Both Google Maps and Apple Maps are free: Apple Maps comes preloaded on your iPhone or on your iPad and Google Maps can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Accurate Data

Initially, one of the main problems that Apple faced was the accuracy of its data.. Google, on the other hand, bought out Skybox, which offers high-resolution satellite imagery, leading to an improvement in the precision of Google Maps. In addition, Google also makes use of humans, who manually check out the maps in order to rectify any errors and who can be accessed for problem resolution.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Apps and Acquisitions by Apple

Apple, however, is not far behind on this front, as it has made its own acquisitions, such as Locationary, which helps to crowdsource data along with HopStop, which brings in data from the transit agencies. These acquisitions make Apple Maps easy for ideal for users of public transporation and for those users who want walking and biking directions. On top of this feature, Apple Maps has many other iOS apps that assist the users in navigating the public transport systems of their respective cities.

Increased Accuracy for iOS 9

Though the accuracy of Apple Maps and Google Maps are roughly equal, there are a few inaccuracies in Apple Maps with respect to business markers. Some of the business listings on the map are outdated, and these businesses may even be missing from the area.

However, the users of Apple Maps can also report errors, which are usually fixed in a short time. Moreover, the service seems to have become more accurate for iOS 9. Apple Maps now offers better tracking as well as location display in the application. It is also more responsive to directions, making it quite useful for trying to find your way in unfamiliar areas.

Planning the Route

This can be the deal breaker for many users. Both Apple and Google Maps offer several options for planning a route. Google Maps offers the best options for all modes, such as walking, driving, public transport, and cycling, whereas Apple Maps offers the best routes for walking and for driving in particular. However, in Apple Maps, the users are directed to a separate app for getting information on transit. So that they choose the best route, users can also access live information with regards to travel or for a display of traffic in the different routes.

Google Maps catching Pokemon

Selecting a Location

When users search for some location in the Google Maps, they can view all the options available in the area, and then the options are sorted according to their distance from the user’s location. Google Maps also offers other details, such as the opening times of restaurants, pictures of those restaurants, and the star rating followed by the different transportation modes available.

King of Maps

Google Maps continues to remain the king of maps, mainly because it is so intuitive and because it  offers support for voice commands. One downside to both of the apps remains: their limitless ability to drain a battery’s life.