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It’s time for the phablet fans to rejoice as the Galaxy Note 5 of Samsung has been finally released this Thursday on the 13th of August 2015.

As noted in a hands-on preview, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is conveniently ‘THE’ best Android phablet in the market.

Last year, millions of Android fans were attracted by the iPhone 6 Plus, and now they are waiting to see what Apple has to offer with the release of iPhone 6s Plus this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5  Android 6.0 Marshmallow

There are particularly 5 areas where the Galaxy Note 5 takes an edge over iPhone 6 Plus. So, let’s take a look at a detailed comparison of the two supersized smartphones in the world today:

  1. CPU and RAM

Usually, the written specs and features of a smartphone or any device only tell a small part of the story, but this isn’t the case with the Note 5 because its specs are pretty impressive.

The Galaxy Note 5 features an octa-core CPU and four times the RAM (4GB) as compared to iPhone 6 Plus, which has a RAM of 1GB, with an Apple A8 processor of 1.4 GHz. The 14 nm octa-core Exynos processor of the Note 5 consists of two processors – one 2.1 GHz and one 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. With these specs, you’ve surely got a killer phablet with a premium aluminum and glass case.

  1. Display and pixel density

Although the full Retina HD display with 401 ppi of iPhone 6 Plus is great, it’s no match for the quad-HD screen of the Note 5. The QHD Super AMOLED display panel of the Note 5 has a pixel density of 518 ppi. The colors are shockingly bright, with a more impressive contrast than any other previous Samsung screen, and the sharpness and clarity is just amazing.

  1. Camera

The primary cameras of both the phablets are at least 8 MP, which is the minimum level required to take high quality pictures. Both these phablets can record HD videos in 1080p or more, which is the standard level in most of the modern phones.

Note 5 can record videos in 4K Ultra HD, whereas iPhone 6 Plus can support video recording up to 1080p which is a lower resolution. Since 4K is a considerably higher resolution, it requires more storage space than other video quality levels.

  1. Dimensions and design

When it comes to portability, Galaxy Note 5 is a better option between the two. Also, Note 5 is 1% lighter than iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6 Plus is thinner. Both of these phablets are thinner than 9mm, which means that you can use a case to keep them safe. Since both of these phones are phablets, it is difficult for most users to easily use them with only one hand.

iPhone-6-and-6-Plus (1)

  1. Battery life

Both Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6 Plus have battery capacities above 2000 mAh. The biggest reason for battery drain on a smartphone is usually its display, so the large screen of Galaxy Note 5 will drain the battery faster than the display screen of iPhone 6 Plus.

But luckily, Note 5 comes with two types of quick-charging technology and it also supports wireless charging. This is an added advantage in Note 5 that you won’t find anywhere else in any other phone.