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The joy of the new Windows 10 release for all devices has taken the world by surprise.

Although this was expected, the excitement and how fast people are upgrading their current Windows 8 devices and above to Windows 10 really makes people wonder why. For gamers, there is so much you can appreciate and get to love with this new Windows operating system. This is why there are so many gamers already in love with this OS.

Playing Candy Crush Saga can be so exciting and this is why King the developers behind the game decided to make this merger and add the game to the new Windows operating system for a better experience.

candy-crush-saga (1)

So, what is happening with Windows 10 Currently?

Most users of Windows operating system have relaxed and are watching to see if Windows 10 is not another version of Windows 8 that has been pre-packaged to them. However, even if all features seem the same, there is no way any user who wants to upgrade will not be able to tell the difference when they see the almighty Candy Crush Saga installed in the Windows 10 upgrade they have. No matter where you upgrade from or who you are, there is no way you will miss the Candy Crush Saga installation. The thing is that, this installation was made into the operating system.

Candy Crush Saga is being touted on Windows 10

King’s thumb breaking Candy Crush Saga is the new breath of fresh air Microsoft decided to surprise its users with, for their operating system. Based on your gaming tastes and preferences, the addition of Candy Crush Saga could be the best addition or the worse. You can decide to uninstall it; however, but the process is a long one which makes it necessary to just relax and have it there even if you do not want to play it.

More King Games to Be Added

In the official Microsoft announcement, there are statements that make it clear to the users that, more games from the King Camp will be made accessible on Windows 10 for the users to have fun playing.

However, whether this will mean more automatic game installations or simply more games made available in the Windows Store is not so clear.


Candy Crush Saga is Free to Play

If you have always been playing Candy Crush Saga on your mobile devices, you will know that it is a game that can be played for free. However, there are some in-game purchases that will need to be made in playing the game. You can buy more lives than wait for them to be replenished for you to move on to other episodes.

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