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Few people know much about the Instagram video feature.

The addition of the video feature on Instagram took place in June 2015. The app is now the property of Facebook. The addition of this new feature has proved very popular with users. It is not strange to hear users claiming that the new feature is more popular than that of Vine, which is the short video sharing app that Twitter brought into the market.

Since the introduction of the video sharing feature on Instagram, Twitter has experienced a drop in the number of shares of videos. Vine has tried everything to reduce or put a stop to the increasing popularity of this new feature on Instagram with minimal success.

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The fact that Instagram is not resting on its laurels but desires to introduce new modifications that enable users to share videos outside the app, makes the work by other video-sharing apps harder.

The addition of support for video and photos embeds on Instagram has increased as a way of making it easier for users to share videos outside the app. Before using this app, you need to improve your skills of shooting great videos. To achieve great results, you have to:

  • know how to shoot good videos
  • know how the video feature on Instagram works
  • know how to attract more attention to the videos that you shoot

Shooting the video directly from within the Instagram app with this feature is the best way of shooting a good video. The videos that you shoot should not last more than 15 seconds each. Click the icon marked CAMERA within the app to access the sharing tab. While at it, ensure that you do not stop holding the red video button down until you are through shooting the video. If you stop holding this button down, the shooting will pause or end.

If you lift your finger from holding the button down, you will succeed in refocusing the shot and this will not do the video shooting exercise any good. Regardless of the type of videos that you want to shoot, do not forget that they can only last a maximum of 15 seconds. This means that you have to do everything within that time span. Feel free to shoot a video that is shorter than 15 seconds remembering that it should last for a minimum of 3 seconds.


With the new video shooting feature on Instagram, you are free to get rid of certain segments within the video that you deem unwarranted or inappropriate. While doing this, remember that Instagram will only allow you to access the most recent segment. After you finish shooting the video, replay it by hitting the next button. Hitting this button will also allow you to apply the desired filter and see how it looks.

There is little doubt of the fact that the new Instagram video feature has proven popular with users across the world. The new feature allows users to shoot 15-second videos and share these on their profiles. The market has proven receptive to the new video features, and this has succeeded in increasing the popularity of Instagram.

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