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Waze has a number of features that anybody will find highly attractive.

Navigators feel that they cannot do without this navigation app. The fact that users provide the data found in this navigation app is one of the reasons behind its incredible rise in popularity among vehicle drivers. This is one reason that enabled the app to perform better than Google Maps. With this new app, drivers will get to their destinations without encountering distractions along the way.

As previously stated, the app has some amazing features. Some of the most amazing features on Waze that will make this app highly attractive to any driver include the following:

  • Elvis Guiding Drivers Home Safely

With this app, drivers can listen to the voice of Elvis Presley guiding them home safely. You also have the option of choosing from a plethora of some of the celebrities whose voices you can use instead of that of Elvis Presley. You can do this by accessing Voice Language, which opens up after tapping Sound. You can access Sound by going to Settings and tapping Waze menu gear that is located at the lower left side of the screen.


  • Syncing Calendar Events thus Creating Route Plans

This feature is not available on any other navigation app. With this feature, you succeed in creating a list of not only all the available appointments, but also their proper locations. Afterwards, you only need to tap on the screen to access the locations and navigate to them. This makes it impossible not only to forget these appointments, but also eliminates the likelihood of getting lost especially when you do not know the actual locations.

  • Getting Gas

Accessing the Main Menu will provide you with the opportunity of tapping on the icon labeled “Navigate map”. After doing this, you can now tap on the icon marked “Gas”. Waze will then present you with a list of all the gas stations that are near your current location. The app will also provide you with a list of the prices at these gas stations. Once you are here, feel free to filter out whatever you see based on the following:

  1. type of gas
  2. distance
  3. price
  4. brand
  • Friends Looking Out for You

It is possible that this feature convinced Google Maps to acquire Waze. This is because Google Maps lacks such a feature. The driver or user does not have to plan anything since it takes care of all the planning. The app does everything using this feature. The feature has a pop-up that displays all types of information that other users might list concerning accidents, traffic jams and speed cams as well as the presence of police.


Other features that make Waze such a popular navigation app include going invisible, and safety. The app allows drivers to keep their whereabouts hidden from other users. The app also allows other users to experience minimal distractions when on the road.

If you are distracted, on the route,it can be unattractive and quite annoying and you can disable whatever you do not want to see so that the screen only displays what you consider appropriate for you.