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Google Maps has several features that would be helpful to people who continuously struggle with navigation.

Google has already introduced the app to help people with Android devices and has now done the same to users with iOS devices. With the new features, people with iPhone devices can now enjoy what they could only admire with the users who own Android gadgets. Some of the main features that the iPhone users will enjoy include the following:

  • navigating the city with public transportation
  • real-time updates
  • timeline view

Google Maps 9.22.2

The timeline view ensures that users can now take a proper review of the history of all destinations they have been to throughout the day. With this feature, users are able to see the history regarding the time that they spent on any location at any given moment. This feature might seem a bit obvious but considering that it has never been in previous versions of Google Maps, users will find it a reprieve.

The new features include a date that users will be able to see right at the Timeline’s top. The location of the date helps users to see it easily. If you want to see your travel activities on any particular day, you simply drag the date down and look at the travel history. This way, you will be able to keep track of the places where you spend most of your time at and decide whether it is worth it or not. However, you can delete the timeline feature if you consider it intrusive.

If you own an iOS device, you can download the latest version of Google Maps, which is 4.8.0, through the App Store. You will notice that it has the real-time updates, which never existed in the earlier versions of this navigation app. The real-time update is a feature that has made Waze quite popular. If you love map sharing through Facebook and Facebook Messenger, you will be happy to note that the navigation app now has it.

Google Maps now has the Image Gallery feature that allows users to obtain a proper understanding of different places on the map by providing them with a grid view. The new directions on the app that are not only redesigned, but also fully transit have enhanced the user traveling experience – especially in cities. The directions will provide users with information regarding the amount of time they shall be saving by rerouting.

Google Maps 9.26.1

With the new features on the latest version of Google Maps, users will have more information regarding the destination to which they desire to travel. This will enable users to plan better. For that reason, it is safe to state that the new app does not only take you to the preferred destination, but also provides you with detailed information regarding these locations. The app has the ability to respond to any voice command that you wish regarding hiding or showing traffic.

Therefore, any person who has never installed the latest version of Google Maps onhis Android or iOS device should not hesitate to do so. The new version comes equipped with several features that enable you to enjoy a richer traveling experience. The features will also enable you to obtain in-depth information about the new location. More importantly, the new features help you plan any travel, trip or tour much better.