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In order to encourage more men and women to consider online dating in India, an app developer has launched Masque, a new unsigned dating app that make users feel more comfortable while getting to know their love matches.

This app also helps them to avoid pitfalls of meeting strangers as this happens very often on platforms online.

This app is a brainchild of Nimbuzz, a popular messaging app with more than 150 million users throughout the world. The best thing about this app is that it is available for windows, android and iOS phones. Users of these phones can easily download this app and meet people located in different parts of the world.


Features of Masque:

This app helps to find your match based on gender, age, and location. Users can chat with new matches anonymously. They can also even send stickers or communicate with emojis. These features are quite similar to Snapchat where you can share videos, photos and audio messages and can delete those once they are opened by the third party.

This app has improved the security of online dating. Security is a major issue in today’s online platform, and this app has given strong emphasis on it so that users can use it without any fear of breaching their personal details. Users are giving good reviews on the functioning of this app, and they find it much safer than others. This app is available to users located in Asia, India, Middle East and North Africa.

Now many are slowly moving away from traditional arranged marriages. They are now choosing life partners through various matrimonial sites. However, many women in India do not use dating sites to avoid attracting a large swarm of unwanted men. This has also led to the problem with fake profiles. Considering all these factors, Masque has been developed where users don’t need to share their personal information with strangers at first.

How does masque work?

Masque let people flirt, chat or connect with people close by. They can create a profile quickly with a nickname and post an avatar of them in the profile picture. After that, they can initiate the conversation by clicking ‘+’ button. Masque helps to find their best match based on age, location and gender. The app lets users send videos, voice messages and photos with automatic self-deletion option once it is seen by the user on the other side. Photos and videos will be on pixelated mode until they are opened. This guarantees complete safety and privacy of the user.


Masque also formulated advanced security option that ensures that videos, audio tracks or photos cannot be downloaded by others. This app also lets users chat with multiple persons at a time. Easy to access from a unified home screen, users can switch from one chat to another with a single click.

Moreover, they will get a library of stickers and emojis to respond to what they cannot do through text. You can terminate the conversation with only a single click. Therefore, users can exercise complete control over their chats.

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