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Kakao, a dominant Korean chat app has developed a new feature in which users can view streaming videos together.

Isn’t it a great feature of Kakao? They can even view live video broadcasts. This Kakao video is like a virtual TV running in a virtual living room. It lets users share and view Kakao talk while commenting on what’s being used. The video appears above user conversations.

The developer of this app Daum Kakao has already offered more than thousands of clips from South Korea’s main cable channels, terrestrial broadcasters, and other content providers. Their materials include a variety of shows, music videos, sports and preview of dramas. Daum Kakao emphasizes with the latest app launch that is rather competing with other video streaming apps; they believe this app offers another avenue to discover the new way of receiving video content on mobile.


In fact, KakaoTV recommends videos based on what users like to see or the videos that have been already seen by your friends.

Till now, the video chatting feature was limited to users in Korea. However, this service has now been extended to the other parts of the world as well. When users open the profile page of their friends and press the free call button, they can make video calls. The video call menu has been positioned in the left text box of the Kakao messaging app.

Kakao Features

The makers of this app have also said that Kakao video chat comes with four different image filters that set the app apart from others. In addition to this, the company also expects the inclusion of one-on-one call function that brings closeness among its users. The video call feature in Kakao will boost intimacy among your friends, family members and other important users allow you to establish a new connection. The company puts emphasis on the requirements of their users first and continues to follow that to improve user experience. They also said that the features available in Kakao app will be fine tune based on user’s feedback.

However, the experimental features of this app are not all that ground-breaking. Kakao let their users test its features so that they can get feedback on the apps developed. This also makes users more involved with the app. Kakao has launched its recent version for Android phone users where users will get their hands on a new search chat feature. It allows them to search through any conversation and finds all relevant messages sent or received in reverse chronological order.


The video chat service on iOS and Android is quite similar to the ones available on Skype and Facebook. But this app has an additional feature of camera filter that can beautify the appearance of users. Makers believe that this feature may boost the demand for this app as it is not available in other apps.

Presently Kakao has more than 180 million subscribers throughout the world. The highest percentage of users belongs to South Korea. The makers of this app claimed that this app has been downloaded by 97 percent of Smartphone users.

Kakao should be installed on the same operating system or phone number to perform effectively. Furthermore, users must restore the chat history within three days after which the app needs to re-install to protect privacy.
All these above-mentioned features have made this Kakao app, a popular one in the online market. Users are giving good feedback on its features and therefore, it is believed that it will soon be used in every part of the world.

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