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News that Google Earth can be a helpful resource in lawsuits has come as a huge relief to many people who seek justice in the courts of law.

This fact became obvious when the US federal appeals court made a ruling to the effect that Satellite images obtained from Google Earth now qualify as evidence. What this means is that you can now present photographs from the app to the courts, which will accept them as proof that the accused committed the crime.

The reason for accepting the images from Google Earth as evidence is that they are impossible to tittle-tattle and that they do not make any assertion. When your lawyer wants to prove that you did not commit any crime, the courts will not reject the images from this app. If your lawyer wants to prove that somebody different committed the crimes, he is free to present the images from this app to support his claims and the courts will accept these as evidence.


The fact that the program has GPS coordinates makes it exempt from human manipulation and intervention, thus acceptable in courts to prove innocence or lack thereof in a criminal case. The presence of the GPS coordinates eliminates the app from being subject to hearsay. On the other hand, this news does not lack challenges. People challenging the news regarding the use of such an app cite the fact that it is nothing more than a machine that can prove unreliable.

The fact that information on Google Maps is susceptible to malfunction was also a concern to the judges that decided to allow images from the program as evidence in lawsuits. However, the judges stated that all concerns regarding malfunctioning, manipulation and evidence tampering associated with the program are easy to handle by adhering to the rules of authentication. With such rules, the following has to happen:

  1. showing proof that the machine on which the Google Maps images were captured is not only properly calibrated, but also reliable
  2. showing proof that the GPS coordinates, which are in the data, are accurate

The evidence that Google Maps brings to the court could help you win a case regarding the exact location where you were at when you were alleged to have committed a particular crime. The program could shed some light on your exact location during the time of your arrest. Such information could prove crucial to proving your innocence that helping the judges and/or jury to decide that you deserve to be free rather than being behind bars.

Google Earth vs Google Maps

Finally, what the Google Maps app does is that it can help destroy any fabrication that the arresting officers might present against you. The program helps to pinpoint the exact location where you were when a crime was taking place. In this regard, it is not wrong to state that the navigation app can be very helpful in a lawsuit that any person or organization might have filed against you in the courts of law.

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