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All over the world, the Google Play Store is trusted and believed to be a place where safety abounds where the Android app downloads are concerned.

This is because Google gives its users the assurance that before all apps are uploaded to their store, security checks are undergone by their team to certify the safety of all the Android users.

Today, Google Play Store has over 1.5 million applications from all parts of the world and all walks of life. This number doesn’t seem to be going down as the days go by. Google Play Store is an open sourced store which makes it easy for app developers to add or take away their apps from the store whenever they want. All they need is for Google to certify them.

Google Play Store 5.7.10 MOD

Due to the fact that the store is an open source store, it has become a breeding ground for hackers and other fraudulent developers.

What most of them do is to develop fake apps and upload them. So, they use those apps to steal important information from your device and this can be very dangerous for you. It is not the fault of Google that fraudsters and hackers always want to take due advantage. What Google did was good, because it wanted to make the stage equal for all app developers.

However, there will always be people ready to take advantage.

Spotting Fake Apps in the Store

One main method you can spot out apps on Google Play Store that are fake is the permissions the app asks for before downloads and installation starts. Read through the permissions. If the permissions are minimum during the download process, but after download demands more then you have a fake app. There are times when even downloading and installing these apps is dangerous for your device. So, it will be better to check and read all permissions carefully.

Also, make sure you check the reviews of the app and find out more about the application online. Although this might seem to be too much for just one app download, it is always better to be safer than to find a solution. If you check the access to the game and it doesn’t seem to be as you would expect, then you should just move on.

Bottom Line

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In all, Google works has to spot out fake apps on its store and gets rid of them. Recently, a fake version of BatteryBot Pro app was removed from the store. Also, try to send an email or bring Google’s mind to any app you suspect might be fake.

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