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Google Play Store comes with new features for its users every day.

It is almost impossible for users to keep track of all the different and latest features that appear on the app every day. The release of the new features achieves two main goals:

  1. satisfying user needs
  2. maximizing experience of developers

Some of the new features help developers to drive and attract more traffic to the listings before converting these to downloads. The new improvements are mutually beneficial to both the developers and the users.

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Moreover, Google now allows developers to make use of the “listing experiments” feature. Developers can take advantage of this feature right on their consoles, which are located on Google Play Store.

The new features also include a family friendly section. It is interesting that Google Play Store now contains some family-friendly features. Such features include “Designed for Families” and “New Family Fun”. The family-friendly section now makes it easier for parents to choose age-appropriate apps for their young children. Some of the apps that are in this section include:

  • Lego Star Wars
  • Minecraft
  • Artistic drawing apps
  • Artistic painting apps

Parental control is a feature on Google Play Store worth mentioning as well. This feature has been in existence for quite a while but many users have no knowledge of its existence and some do not know how to use it. With this feature, parents will be able to restrict their children’s access to some of the apps with explicit content on Play Store. This feature enables parents to filter games, movies, TVs and other apps based on their ratings.

Google Play Store now has a section for trustworthy apps. The name of this feature is The People section. In this section, Play Store allows you to view the apps that your Google contacts prefer using. This way, you are able to find trustworthy content. This is because you can only use apps that other users have sampled. In fact, the apps you find in this section are only the ones that the people you know have approved.

Google Play Store Update

The Wishlist is a Google Play Store feature that enables you to keep track of movies, music as well as books that might be of interest to you. Furthermore, you only need to tap this feature once. With this feature, you can find something that you thought was interesting but had no time to read or maybe watch it later. You only need to swipe the navigation panel on Play Store and tap Wishlist to access everything that you marked on the feature.

Therefore, check the new features on Google Play Store and begin enjoying this app in ways you never imagined possible. The new features allow you to control what your children watch thus keeping them away from the age-inappropriate stuff. The new features give you more control inside the Play Store. The new features allow you to find the more trustworthy apps based on what your friends love using.