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Although it was always been an exciting experience to look at the planet with Google Earth, there are so many additional features that makes this app stand out.

From time to time, there are new updates that make Google Earth the best app ever. One of the updates however that made this app more popular was and is its Mountain View feature. This update was released to the app some months back and it was designed to add more class, improved the visual performance and also makes user experience more fun.

What the Mountain View Update Brought and Still Brings

With Google Earth version 6.2, users of the app are able to see and understand the way the world operates at a whole new level. Yes, this version makes the planet look real. The planet is no more looking like a mix quilt that some outer space being has patched up together, but it appears flawless and smooth in the images.

google-earth-pro (3)

Due to the fact that Google Earth makes use of huge satellite image amounts, it is very common that all pictures will have a different atmospheric and lighting condition to deal with, because they were not taken or captured all at once. Making sure that all the images are normalized would be a heroic effort. This is what makes the Mountain View update very important.

When this update was introduced, the world realized that Google had come up with a unique way they could batch-process every photo asset that is built into the app to make sure the Earth is smoothly rendered. A lot of people felt this update will fail.

However, some months down the line, it seems to be working perfectly without any glitches that some critics felt might arise. This innovation that still benefits all users of Google Earth today is quite impressive considering the amount of data management that would be needed to coat all different magnification views made available.

Other Features from Old that Makes Google Earth App the Best

Apart from the Mountain View update that took Google Earth into a whole new level where visual improvements are concerned, another major update was made.

google-earth (1)

The app was brought into the Google+ world with abilities to share regional photos with all social circles. This is one move that showed the world that Google was ready to serve its users very well, especially where the social media world was concerned.

Also, the search features of the app have been modified and this has made it very useful since its modification.

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