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Tango, the leading instant messaging and free calling app is getting huge popularity for its various social networking features.

These features enhance the usability and functionality experience of more than 130 million users across the globe. Many new developments have taken place in this app especially for mobile users in the present time. This app combines the concept of social networking, communication, and entertainment.

Let’s look at the new social enhancement that Tango users can explore:

  • Easy finding nearby friends: Tango members will now be able to find nearby friends easily and can connect with them. This feature allows them to connect without sharing their contact information or anything. This app is perfect for such situations where you meet new friends in classrooms, vacations or any party.


  • Personalize profile: Tango has upgraded its address book contact view by allowing its members to create and customize their profiles. They can select profile pictures, post status and upload photos to share with their friends and family members on Tango.
  • Share live pictures during voice or video calls: For the first time in a voice calling and messaging app, users can share their pictures or live photos during a video or voice call. This feature makes sharing pictures interactive as well as real-time experience for the users.

With this recent update, Tango becomes the first company that blends social messaging, video calling, and entertainment into one single platform. The team of Tango has made a statement that they are very much excited in offering its members a complete new way to stay in touch with their families and friends. Not only this, but they have also provided third-party content partners with the opportunity to serve more than 30 million Tango users with fun and engaging content.

The latest features of Tango are available on Windows, Android, and iOS phones. Users can download this app from iTunes App store and Google play store respectively. Tango has enhanced its messaging service for advertisers, game developers, and others. This app is available in 14 languages and has been operated in more than 224 countries. This app has been founded in the year 2009 with its headquarter in Mountain View, Calif and branch offices in China, Beijing, Texas and Austin.

This new version has easier navigation aligned to the navigation keys for Android users. Tab users can also access this from the side drawer. Not only this, you can even customize it by creating shortcuts or prioritizing what’s important to you by choosing which application you want to appear first. This feature will customize the top navigation.


Tango has brought improvement in news feed posting as well. Till now, the newsfeed continues to be a way for you to share news or updates with your friends. Tango has expanded the types of media through which you can share photos, audio, video, music and even animated surprises in your news feed. It lets you share interesting content from channels to your news feed. For example, if you find a great article from any food channel, you can easily share with your friends on Tango.

There is another feature that comes with Tango that allows you to add now friends via QR codes. This might sound a bit geeky, but it is convenient. This QR code is like a mobile identification card. You meet someone and use your Tango mobile app to scan the QR code on his or her mobile phone. Once you scan the code, you will instantly get connected with them.

Therefore, Tango, a free calling app is the latest way to stay connected with your friends.

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