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Advanced Warfare has been out for close to a year now, which means it’s a fair time to look at all the weapons and assume they’re in close to their final form. If a good weapon hasn’t been nerfed yet, or a terrible weapon hasn’t been buffed yet, chances are it’s staying that way for the rest of the games life time, saving for any massive bugs that come out of it.

So with that said we now have a proper evaluation of what the worst weapon in the game is, and how it will stay for the rest of the games existence.


That worst weapon is clearly the crossbow. You might think the cross bow has easy lethal potential being essentially a sniper rifle with an explosive round, the the truth behind the stats mean that anybody who has picked up the weapon for even just a moment knows the truth.

Let’s start with WHY it’s so bad though, and the obvious first reason is it’s iron sights. These look really cool and make the weapon look futuristic, but the reality is that it’s tricky to use these to lock onto a target, especially when the crossbow bolt suffers from dropping over range. As well as this, it’s handling attributes like its hip fire, Aim Down Sight time and movement speed aren’t good enough to feel good or contribute to the weapon.

So the weapon handles poorly, but it’s an explosive, right? Well, explosives are only as useful as the damage and one hit kill range attached and too put it simply this weapon doesn’t really have much of that. To one hit kill with the cross bow it either needs to be attatched to the player, or land within an inch of them. Otherwise, hope that they come weakened, or be willing to fire multiple crossbow bolts to get a kill.

So you need multiple on target shots to get a kill with an explosive weapon, not great so far but at least it fires fast… right? Nope, this is the slowest firing iteration of the crossbow, with more than a second of reloading between each shot. Combine this with no attachment to speed this up or increase the number of bolts held at once and you end up with a situation which isn’t particularly suited to a weapon of this nature. Admitedly it is a secondary and could maybe be used to clear up a wounded enemy, but any other explosive does the job better.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty Update

So if you’ve always thought rocket launchers need to reload slower, have less damage and take some time to detonate, this weapon totally has some use for you! Otherwise any other weapon in the game can outdo it, which is the reason it is the “skill weapon” in gun game.

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