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We can say that it’s about time that the tech giant Apple made a serious effort to make sure that its Apple Music subscriber base of 11 million people remains loyal to it. So far, the subscribers have remained loyal throughout the buggy experience Apple gave them.

Lately, iOS users were facing issues with iTunes and the release of Apple Music had only made things more complicated. The tech giant has been working along to fix everything its users are facing to ensure the success of Apple Music, but this time, even the old Apple fans have been facing troubles with the service.

iOS 9.1 Update, iOS 9.1, Apple

But on Thursday, Apple released a quick update, iTunes 12.2.2, which includes a couple of bug fixes for Apple Music, along with iTunes and iOS updates. The iTunes 12.2.2 update is aimed at improving the streaming service of Apple Music. The update also includes improvements for applications, overall stability and performance to offer a better experience to users.

This small update can be downloaded from Software Updates section of the Mac App Store. You can also activate the update by launching iTunes again on your PC.

The release notes of the iTunes 12.2.2 update include the following improvements:

  • Users can now click on the “Beats 1” banner to see what’s playing now, as well as view broadcast schedules for pop music channels so they never get a chance to miss a show.
  • Users can now see the list of artists they’re following on Apple Music.
  • The update resolves the issue of iTunes losing its place when users return to a previous page in Apple Music.
  • Incorrect sorting of the artists is fixed in My Music.
  • Fixed the issue of playlists in the action menu not matching those in users’ library.
  • Now, artists can share their photos, thoughts, videos and music directly from iTunes through the Connect feature.

If you’re among those several users who are experiencing the above mentioned problems in iTunes, then it is recommended that you download the update straight away and take advantage of the company’s latest and upgrade music management software.

So, if you’re a diehard Beats 1 fan, then the iTunes 12.2.2 update is meant for you. But if you aren’t a user of Apple Music, then this small update wouldn’t offer you much in terms of changes; though it’s never a bad idea to keep your software updated. Besides, usually, the latest and updated versions of iOS require the updated versions of iTunes to be installed on your computer in order to get synced properly.


In addition, iOS 8.4.1 update, a security update for previous versions of OS X, and OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 update are also available for users to download.

If you’re still unaware about this because you haven’t received a notification or a prompt or a message to update, then all you have to do is navigate to Settings, go to General and then tap on ‘Software Update.’ This will surely get things done for you easily.