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As mobile devices are rapidly colonizing the technology marketplace, their battle or conquest is taking us to a whole new level, beyond apps and search.

There are, presently, two giants climbing steadily to grab the lucrative top spot, each choosing their own route to reach the highest position.

Last week, Facebook announced that it would allow businesses to communicate privately via its messenger app. While the company is soon going to launch this service, all our eyes are set on China’s most popular messaging app WeChat. This instant messaging app is giving a tough competition to Facebook and it is assumed that it will soon take over the Facebook Messenger app in the near future.

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WeChat Vs Facebook

 WeChat is an all-in-one messaging app that allows you to send texts, make voice calls and share photos between subscribers. It includes a plethora of features or services similar to Google play or iTunes to offer better experience to the users. These features allow the users to do a lot of things, such as hail a taxi, take a doctor’s appointment or pay utility bills through the app. These are the features Facebook has been looking into to monetize its Messenger app.

According to a report, it is estimated that WeChat has more than 1 billion users around the world and the average returns per user is 7 dollars per year. By comparison, WeChat and Facebook messenger, currently have 800 and 900 registered users respectively.

After taking over China’s messaging market, this app is now trying to capture South East Asia and India. In fact, WeChat already boasts of more than 200 million users outside China. Observing the success of WeChat, Facbook made the statement that very soon they are going to launch more than 40 apps and the messenger content app will be accessible from a triple-dot-button that will allow you to add photos and stickers.

In certain aspects, WeChat and Messenger offer similar services such as Voice Calling and ability to send stickers, photos and voice messages. WeChat still leads in terms of popularity because it offers more services to its users than Facebook messenger. For example, WeChat offers free video calling. This same feature is offered by Facebook as well, but then you have to check out from the messenger app to access Facebook for posting photos. In WeChat, on the other hand, you don’t need to go out as you can upload photos on your timeline without leaving the app.

It is true that in WeChat you may get some additional features, but Messenger lets the users to find out if their contacts are available for chat or not. This is the only feature that sets WeChat apart from other instant messaging apps. In WeChat you cannot see a status if you are not online and there is no ‘read’ receipt to inform you that your friend has already read your message. All these features are available in Facebook messenger. You will be able to see if someone is active for chat now or your message has been read by them.


WeChat or Facebook may have some similarities but they work differently. Both these apps are available for free for iOS, Windows and Android. When you will register on WeChat, you will be asked to give your phone number using which you will be registered and all your contacts that are using WeChat will be shown in your contact list. You can send them requests to add you. On the other hand, in Facebook Messenger, all your Facebook friends are automatically added in your contact list.

Therefore, a tough competition is going on between WeChat and Facebook Messenger. It is hard to comment on which one stands better for the users. Both the apps continue to update new features to create better experience for the users.

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