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The Viber app can now be used on tablet devices. Keep on reading this quick and informative guide on how to use Viber on Android tablets, Windows 8 ones as well as iPads.

Before we get right into it, you should know that if Viber is enabled on a mobile phone, the version should be the newest one on the market if you want to set it up on the tablet as well.

Viber 5.6.0

So, ensure that you have the newest version of Viber on your mobile phone and then activate it on the iPad, Windows or Android device. That being said, let’s move on to the installation guide down below:

  1. Installing Viber on iPad & Android Tablets

  • Set-up Viber once you’ve downloaded it on your iPad or Android tablet.
  • Click on the app and choose.
  • Go to the dropdown menu and choose your current location (as in country) and add your phone number too. The latter will also come in handy when you create the Viber account or you ca use it to sync your current account. Click continue for the next step.
  • You will be receiving an activation code. If you already have the app set-up on another gizmo, you should receive a Viber message or a basic text message instead.
  • As said before, if you already have Viber set-up, you will be prompted to link the tablet with the other gizmo. Enter the received confirmation code and then hit the done.
  • The other option is if you want to make your Viber app active only on your tablet, go ahead and tap on the highlighted link you see before you eyes.
  • Wait for the code (via text message) then add it right in the register screen and then click on done. This will help you create a brand new account on Viber.
  1. Installing Viber on a Windows 8 Tablet

Best Windows 8 Apps

  • Start by downloading and setting-up Viber for a Windows 8 tablet.
  • Go ahead and open the installed app and then make sure your answer is yes when you are questioned by Viber if the app is pre-set on your mobile phone.
  • Again choose your country (see dropdown menu) and add the mobile number. The hit the continue button next.
  • The activation code will arrive from Viber under the form of a Viber message this time around and not the standard SMS. Add the received code and then click the finish.