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There is nothing as exciting as being able to complete a Candy Crush Saga level.

It is seen as an achievement if the level crossed is a very difficult one. However, when a player is able to complete a whole episode, the feeling is more satisfying.

There are so many players who have been crushed emotionally when they have to struggle through 15 levels to end an episode successfully only to be stuck. Yes, players can get stuck and disappointed when they need to start the next episode only to find out that, they must manually unlock it in order to go on. Wow, this can be a huge hit on the head.


Paying for New Episodes

Unlocking new episodes while playing Candy Crush Saga can be done in two ways. The first way is to pay with real money an amount of $0.99. Doing this will instantly give you access to the new episode and you can continue playing. Even though $0.99 is not so much money, if you pay this amount for every episode, you will be spending too much money since the episodes in the game sum up to 71 and the count goes on to increase.

So, what do you do if you do not want to spend real money on unlocking these episodes? You have two main alternatives; read on.

Ask your Friends for Help

In playing Candy Crush Saga, there is an option that most people use. This is the ask friends alternative. This is used more by most players when they want to unlock a new episode. All you have to do is to link your Candy Crush Saga account to your Facebook account and ask friends to help you in unlocking this new episode. In order to succeed with this alternative, you need to have an active internet connection. This is why most people do not like it.

Another reason why people do not like this alternative is because they do not want the world to know they are not able to pay the amount to move to the next level or they do not want to bother their friends. The third option below should be considered if the two alternatives above do not auger well for you.

Candy Crush Studio

Mystery Quests Alternative

This is the easiest way to unlock new episodes in the game. You do not need an internet connection. Start by enabling Airplane Mode on your device. This means, you go offline. Close your app and re-launch it. When the app is opened in offline modes, you get Play Quests alternative.

With this you can play and select levels you have passed already. When you pass them again, you move to the new episode.