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Electronic Arts in association with Maxis has been rolling out a lot of unwanted stuff for the Sims 4 and expect players to actually play for it.

According to YouTube reviewers, this trend could lead to at least $120 just for the stuff packs and if you include ‘Get to Work’ among other DLC packs, the total cost of owning a Sims game could be somewhere around $400 or even higher.

These so-called stuff packs add new clothes, furniture, stove and some other things, but it hardly makes a difference to the actual gameplay.

Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack

the-sims-4-dine-out (2)

Based on what EA says, the new stuff pack is expected to make your kitchen brighter and more attractive to guests. There are new stuffs including a cutting board, ingredient box, stools in different sizes, a brand new stove, ice cream maker and a couple of other items. In the trailer given below, it showcases an amazing pack that will bring a huge makeover to your kitchen.

Just take a look at the video review below which is sarcasm all the way. It is not just the reviewer but even ardent fans who love the Sims 4 might consider ditching the game for good.

Instead of launching good DLCs and fixing bugs, Electronic Arts and Maxis simply want to cash more money out of people who own the pack. Who would want to keep spending on a game almost every day?

The Good Things

For the sum you pay, the Sims 4 cool kitchen stuff pack offers some new features. The ice cream blender allows you to create a wide range of recipes which will make it easy to boost energy and feel rejuvenated for a short period. There are so some new recipes that you could cook and serve to the guests. It is more of a party friendly pack that one could use to impress their neighbors and maybe find a girl or guy in the lot to date with.

There are at least thirty different costumes available in the pack. It is not really clear whether Maxis was trying to brighten up the kitchen or the person. People who love to dress their character with more unique outfits would definitely enjoy this, but paying so much to buy a couple more virtual clothes is something only an addict could do.

Either way, if you are up to get the stuff pack, do it and you may enjoy it, who knows!