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Everyone runs into some kind of problems with their computers one way or other. No matter which operating system, which hardware, and which software you use, there will always be something that needs to be diagnosed and fixed.

There are some most common problems faced by computer users everywhere. Most of these troubles can be fixed on your own without getting help from an expert technician.

System Getting Slow


This is one of the most common problem everyone has faced, especially if you are using windows operating system. The slowdown happens in windows OS mostly due to the build up of temporary files and running of unwanted programs in the background without your knowledge. You can speed up your system by deleting the temp files. To do this, go to Start -> Run -> Type “temp” and press enter. Then delete all the files you see there. Also go to Start -> Run -> Type “%temp%” and delete all the files in there too. Then to remove unwanted programs from running on system start up, Go to Start -> Run -> Type “msconfig” and then go to ‘Services’ and ‘Startup’ and remove all unwanted programs from there.

Slow Internet Connection

The common reason why internet is getting slow is because some program is consuming your bandwidth without your knowledge unless there is an issue with your service provider. To fix this, simply find out which programs are running in the background. You can also use tools to restrict access to some particular software.

Computer Won’t Turn On

If you press the power button to turn on your system and nothing happens, then there are a number of things you can check before calling the repair guy. First of all double check that all cables are connected properly and try another plug point as source of power supply.

If it’s all fine, then try opening the PC cabinet and make sure all internal components and cables are attached where they should be. Check the cables coming from SMPS to the motherboard. Loosened up cables can cause for the power to not reach the components.

File Deleted Accidentally

Every computer user have faced this situation where they deleted their files by mistake and wanted to get it back. Well, the problem with getting back deleted files is that when you copy or move some new files to the hard drive’s local disk where your deleted files where located, there is a chance for the old files to be overwritten by the new files.


In that case, performing a successful recovery is less likely. The important thing to remember is to NOT use the hard drive again until you have recovered the files. You can use some recovery software to recover the files. Search in Google for a list of free data recovery tools.

System Frozen

Sometimes your system will hang or freeze. If it is a particular program that freeze, you can restore your system by opening up task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del) and end the program which is causing the system to hang.

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