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Minecraft 1.9 has had its first few snapshots released, and with the exception of a few features we know are coming later, and a few major changes we can very clearly expect we don’t know if a lot of the dreams people have for the update are actually destined for the game itself.

Here are some ideas which can fix the key issues with combat in Minecraft, namely the one dimension that all PVP currently has in the game

Different Armor Weights

Right now armor is what takes combat from being fast and quick to slow and cumbersome, with 0 downside to the holders. To make armor more of an option than a necessity, some pieces of armor should weigh you down more than others, with for instance diamond armor weighing you down the most.

Minecraft Update 1.28

This could be as small as a 10% difference, but enough to allow you to escape if you run into someone like this. Along the same lines, a new enchantment for boots which allow you to move ABOVE the maximum speed would be a welcome addition, and allow for boots only builds to get the fastest possible movement.

Different ways to use a sword

Right now you click to use the sword, with no other interaction besides hopefully aiming in the right direction. An ideal version of PVP combat would allow you to create a meta game of which style of hits are being used the most, with small differences to how you hit being determined by which direction you are moving towards at the time, with side swipes perhaps working better against opponents hitting straight forward, and backwards movement dealing less damage but avoiding damage from the enemy.

Minecraft Update Comes with Cross-platform Multiplayer Mode

Any change to the interaction between players in a close range sword fight would greatly help.

Different weapons

The easiest way to make combat more diverse is to have more weapons to hit each other with, of course. Instead of having power creep in the form of a long sword though, these could come as potential alternatives to the sword instead.

For instance, there could be a dagger which uses less minerals, has less range but deals slightly more damage, perhaps negating armor entirely or having the ability to be posioned. This could be counter balanced with a halberd or battle axe which has a longer range in exchange for less damage, and create a real meta game for the minecraft multiplayer.

Minecraft Update 1.8.8, Minecraft Update Wii, Minecraft Update

These 3 ideas alone would mix up the core of any PVP based minigame in Minecraft right now, while still being relatively simple to implement. Although they are not available in the current snapshot, PVP has not seen much of a focus yet so it is likely we will see them at some point. Until that day we’ll have to use the current system, but the dream for the future can remain regardless.