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A year after the launch of the iPhone 6 device and various innuendoes have started to spread already regarding the upcoming Apple launches. Let’s have a look of the latest comments and gossips that have been spreading around like wildfire.

According to various innuendoes, the following segment of the iPhone platform is expected to be disclosed along with some new gizmos. This will take place in September. According to BuzzFeed, the 9th of September will be the big day. Picking up on pattern here? In 2014, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were launched on the same day.

iphone-6s-ad (3)

So, we’ll just have to wait and see how Apple decides to handle things this time with the launch of the iPhone 6S and we’re pretty sure the 6S Plus version will follow shortly after. That is if Apple sticks to its practices.

The ned added Force Touch element

Expect the Force Touch element which is already found on MacBook and Apple Wearable Smartwatch to roll out to the iPhone S6 device as well. Rumors indicate that this function will also roll out with a Home button element.

Apple is working on a new chassis for the upcoming device?

Back in 2014, the company strongly contradicted those who claimed that the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus devices were prone to bend if submitted to a certain amount of pressure. Currently, the company has been working on a new case for the devices.

This was a leak disclosed by Unbox Therapy. So, allegedly this new chassis is a lot lighter, thus we can only assume that the developers are working with an aluminum material.

iPad Pro and Smart TV Box – Coming Soon?

On the same day, Apple might decide to reveal the newest iPad series which is iPad Pro. The iPad Air 2 device and the Mini 3 one were also launched in the fall season but towards the end of it. We know for sure that the iPad Mini 4 is on its way due to several leaks discovered on Twitter. Based on the same info, the upcoming device may mirror some of the specs found in the former iPad Air 2.

iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Switching topics, it’s been more than 3 years since Apple released an update regarding its video streaming device. But, things are about to change as The Age confirms that there might be an Apple TV box on the way.

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