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ooVoo is an instant messaging and video chat platform quite similar to Skype.

Since its launch, the app has got wide popularity for its excellent video and audio call quality. This app offers real-time data on latency, connection speed and audio or video quality through which you can effortlessly connect with your friends and family located in any part of the world. If you have an account on any popular social media site such as Facebook, you can easily connect ooVoo to it so that you can do audio and video chat with your friends via ooVoo.


ooVoo is available both on mobile and desktop computers. However, the processes of installing this app on both the devices are different. Here you will get a brief report on steps to connect ooVoo with Facebook account:

For Mobile:

  • Download ooVoo from the Google app store. Locate the orange icon with a white V in the middle of your mobile home screen. Tap it to open the app.
  • Tap login with Facebook at the bottom of the login screen. There are other options of logging into ooVoo available as well, but if you want to connect ooVoo with your Facebook account, you should login only from Facebook.
  • Tapping on ‘Login with Facebook’, you will be redirected to the Facebook login page where you need to enter your email address, username, and password. Put details in the field provided and then tap into login to continue.
  • After login, the next screen will display information on your Facebook account that ooVoo needs to access to your Facebook information. Click on ‘Allow’ to connect ooVoo with Facebook account.

This process mentioned above is for mobile devices. Follow these steps properly and you can connect your Facebook account to ooVoo from your mobile phone.

For Desktop Computers

  • Download ooVoo in your desktop computer from ooVoo’s official website. Double click on the icon of ooVoo on your desktop to launch it.
  • Click Login with Facebook to connect it to your Facebook account. There are other options for logging into ooVoo available, but to connect to Facebook, logging in with your Facebook account is mandatory.
  • Once click on login with Facebook, you will be redirected to Facebook login page where you will be asked to provide your email address and password. Provide the details in the respective fields and click login to continue.
  • The next screen will appear on your desktop displaying ooVoo needs to access to your Facebook account information. Click ‘Allow’ to connect ooVoo to Facebook account.

ooVoo comes with a number of features that put it at the top of the preference list of the users. It features a user-friendly system, making it easier to use for anyone. The best feature of ooVoo is video calling that enable you to call your friends and family on a computer screen or mobile. If your contact person does not have ooVoo, you can still call them by using web calling feature. Not only this, you will be able to see your friends the moment they click on the link. Similarly, your friend can see you in his/her web browser without even downloading ooVoo.


While calling on ooVoo, you can record a call you are making to look back on it later. You will get thousand minutes for storing and streaming information or recording conversation with anyone. If you are attending a meeting in a different place and need to show a presentation to your client in another place, you can use ooVoo as it has desktop sharing feature that enables you to show your desktop contents through video call.