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Google has made work a lot easier for all who desires to share content on YouTube.

It would be a major struggle to find a technological development that surpasses YouTube in terms of greatness in this century. Close to two-and-a-half years ago, Google announced that any person who desired to use YouTube had to have a Google+ account and sign in. The situation changed as Google realized that more people experienced difficulties trying to share content.


YouTube is popular with billions of users all over the world. This might have motivated Google to see the need of forcing users to sign up to Google+ with the aim of using this opportunity to overtake Facebook as the most popular social media platform in the world. However, upon the realization that most YouTube users were opting not to sign to Google+, the company had to think of new ways through which to salvage the situation from getting worse.

The change of heart by Google was partly inspired by the realization that a large percentage of users on YouTube were mostly interested in using it for content sharing and never considered it a social media platform as such. Consequently, Google had to make the decision to divorce YouTube from Google+. Currently, YouTube is the biggest Google service not integrated with Google+.

This decision also enabled YouTube users to stop worrying about the comments they post on this video streaming site would appear on their Google+ profiles. Some users wanted or thought of deleting their Google+ accounts after Google made this decision. However, the company stated that doing so would attract heavy penalties, as the users would no longer be able to use the YouTube channels that they opened.

However, the decision to simplify content sharing for YouTube users does not signify the end of Google+ as a social media platform. Google+ remains open to users who appreciate the socialization features and capabilities that it offers. In the meantime, Google expects any person who signed up to YouTube and opened a Google+ account to continue that way. New users are the only ones exempt from having to open a Google+ account, but only for a few more months.

Google has a major battle against the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have made work easier for users who desire to share videos on these platforms. In this regard, Google still has much work to do to make similar improvements for people interested in content sharing on YouTube, which it owns. The fact that divorcing YouTube from Google+ has received widespread applause shows that Google made the right decision.


Therefore, you only have to wait briefly to enjoy the benefits of using and sharing content through YouTube without having to sign in to Google+, if you already did this. If you have never opened a Google+ account, signing up to YouTube and sharing content will not require you to do that. For these reasons, there is no doubt that content sharing through YouTube is now a much simpler exercise.