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Fewer social media networks have been as dominant as Instagram in the last 2-3 years.

However, as dominant as the site might be, most users are not aware of some of the basics that they need to know about Instagram. For example, most users do not realize that they need to offer this site the permission to use or display their images.

If you notice any of your images displayed on Instagram, you are free to cite them for violating your copyright.

During Instagram’s launch on October 2010, it was only an iPhone app. In the first month of its existence, it was able to garner more than 1 million users. To put this in context, Twitter took the better part of 2 years to achieve the same milestone.


By January 2014, the number of active users on this social media network stood at an impressive 150 million. More importantly, by January 2014, users had shared more than 16 billion photos and posted 55 million photos daily.

Some of the leading global brands are on Instagram. Some of the most popular include the following:

  • GoPro
  • Michael Kors
  • NFL
  • Vans
  • Forever 21
  • TopShop
  • Adidas Originals
  • NBA
  • Starbucks
  • Nike

Moreover, the user spends more time on Instagram than the average user on Twitter. The current figures show an average user spending close to 257 minutes and 169.9 minutes on Instagram and Twitter respectively. More importantly, users on this social media platform seem to love selfies; hence its reputation as the capital of selfies. If you prefer comments whenever you post any photo, then do not expect to get them in droves on Instagram.

In this social media platform, there is more preference for likes than comments. Every second, you will find more than 8,500 likes on any photo accompanied by only around 1,000 comments. In addition to this, the no filter feature happens to be the most popular filter on the platform. More than 60 percent of all users on Instagram reside outside the US. However, the US boasts of the highest number of users at 33%, followed by Brazil, UK, Russia and Mexico.

The popularity of Instagram among teens around the world keeps rising. Close to 23% of all teens cite this platform as their preferred choice among all social media networks. The Instagram app is equally available to the users with Apple and Android devices. It is interesting to note that out of all its users, 23% are African Americans, 18% are Hispanic and 11% are Caucasian. There is plenty of room for growth considering that 37% of all its users have never uploaded any photo.

GoPro Hero 4

Therefore, as popular as Twitter and Facebook might be today, they have to worry about the growth of Instagram. Finally, if you want to start a conversation with somebody who interests you, sending a funny animal picture would do wonders. You can use the platform to establish new friendships and share images with the whole world. You can also use the platform to increase your network and for marketing.