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Adobe manufactured Flash as a platform that enables developers to create graphics, browse games, rich applications, animations and mobile apps.

Millions of adobe flash player users exist today – though many of them don’t bothers to pay attention to this software, yet it’s because it’s that thing that runs in the background that some apps need in order to work. According to the Adobe,

“Over 500 million devices are accessed with Flash technology and more than 20,000 apps in Google Play, Apple App store and other software markets, are built using Flash. Moreover, 24 out of 25 top Facebook games are developed in Flash. In China, the top 9 Flash technology enabled games generate over $70 million a month.”

Besides of all these scrumptious success stories there is an extremely dark side of using Adobe Flash player.


  • Adobe Flash player is amongst the most preferred methods of cyber criminals to attack users on worldwide.

Within six weeks of its release, more than 400 million internet users updated the new version of Flash player. The vulnerability of cyber security is surely ditched to compromise as the time span of updating the new version is more than enough for cyber attackers to victimize Flash users. Above 30 security exposures are identified amongst which 16 are highly critical. These security ruptures are allowing attackers to bypass restricted access points and gain sensitive information through unspecified routes and/or implement subjective code.

  • Over 90 Security exposure influenced Adobe Flash Users in 2015

Through these extensive susceptibilities the cyber criminals easily infiltrate their own code into victim’s computers and devices. They get easy access to sensitive information including login data, credit card information or even encrypting desktops for heavy ransoms.

The year 2015 marked the highest number of Flash security risks and exposure to cyber crime with a skyrocket speed. 32 security weaknesses allowed DoS attacks resulting in memory corruption while 68 security vulnerabilities cased execution of arbitrary code from malicious sources, 17 resulted in overflow and 18 were responsible for allowing access to cyber criminals to bypass security points.

What is the Secure Alternative platform for developers?


Adobe Flash was the first choice of developers for long, however HTML5 is an alternative to get the same advantages with lesser security risks. Unless the cyber criminals didn’t code to ruin the security points or the HTML5 developers, the HTML5 platform is safe enough to work with and thus can be considered as the best alternative for Adobe Flash.

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