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Clash of Clans is a strategy type of game, where you will need to build a village, protect it from invaders and raid other villages to gain resources. It will take you a lot of time to get to the “end-game” in Clash of Clans, so in case you don’t want to waste too much time everyday in this game, we suggest you to install an action-game or something else.

However, if you are into the strategy type of games, then you should try out Clash of Clans and see if you like it or not. Today, we’re going to reveal a few tips and tricks about this game, which will be very handy for someone who just started playing this game.

Important Troops


There are a lot of troops that you can train in Clash of Clans. For example, Archers are good for ranged attacks, but they will die very fast. On the other hand, Giants are very “tanky”, but they are very slow and the damage that they deal is awful. Barbarians can be pretty good, as they are pretty fast and can bring down structures and troops very fast.

New Leagues and Dark Spells

In case you’ve played Clash of Clans in the past and you are getting back to this game, then you should know that the developers have worked a lot in the past few months and they’ve added tons of new features in the latest update. Clash of Clans now has new leagues for high level players and new dark spells which you can use.

Raiding villages

When you will start playing Clash of Clans, you will most likely raid using barbarians and archers. These troops are very efficient at low levels and don’t cost too many resources. However, as you upgrade structures and climb in the ladder, you will see that there are villages which have pretty good defensive. In order to raid these types of villages, you will need to understand the mechanics of the game, the defensive towers and guess where the defensive traps are placed.

At the same time, depending on the type of defensive your opponent has, you can use different types of troops to counter his defensive buildings. However, until you reach this level of knowledge, it will take some time.

“Hiding” your resources

When you decide to take a break from Clash of Clans, you should know that your village can be raided and in case you don’t have an active shield, you can’t do anything to stop those raids. However, there is a trick that you can use to “hide” some resources. First of all, make sure that your army camps are full and after that, start training expensive troops. This way, the resources for these troops will be taken from you and the attackers will not be able to steal them.


After you log in back to Clash of Clans, you will just need to cancel the training for all those troops and you will receive all the resources that you’ve invested in them.

Clan Wars

As soon as you rebuild the Clan Castle, you will be able to join a Clan. Using a Clan is very important, as you will meet new players and make some new friends. They will be able to send troops to your Clan Castle, which will defend your village when it gets attacked.

In addition, you will be able to attend Clan Wars with your Clan and if you win the battle, you will get a good amount of resources.

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