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Adobe has released a new update for both Flash Player and Air, which addresses 35 bugs, some which could be exploited by hackers. This was necessary, because the hackers could use these bugs to take control of your computer, which is the last thing we would want.

If you are running Windows or Macintosh on your computer, we suggest you to update your Flash Player to version as soon as possible. However, in case you are using Linux operating system, we suggest you update the Flash Player to

Flash-Player (3)

At the same time, AIR Desktop Runtime, AIR SDK and AIR SDK & Compiler have been updated to version for all the platforms we’ve mentioned above.

Almost each bugs that Adobe fixed, could lead to code execution such as: 15 use-after-free vulnerabilities, 5 type confusion vulnerabilities, 8 memory corruption vulnerabilities and 5 buffer overflow and heap buffer overflow bugs.

In case you have an outdated Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR version, we suggest you to update right away, or else you will risk to get hacked. This way, the hacker will be able to access your data and even gain full control of your computer.

We suggest you to download the latest Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR versions for your platform from the official website Once the webpage loads, you will have to click on the Menu button and from the bottom side you will need to select “Adobe Flash Player” or “Adobe AIR”. Once you download the installation file, double click on it and start installing the latest Adobe Flash Player/Adobe AIR on your computer.


What Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR are you running on your computer? Will you update to the latest Adobe Flash Player/Adobe AIR right away?