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The amount of malware released through the Internet and affecting user activity has increased massively in the last few years.

Now that there are a plethora of Smartphone devices, tablets, laptops and desktops, it seems that there will be no end to the malware threats. It is for this reason that investing in third-party antivirus has become a necessity for anybody who desires to enjoy enhanced protection while online.

However, how do the antivirus programs rank in comparison to Microsoft Security Essentials?

It is worth reiterating that Microsoft Security Essentials is the antivirus of choice for Windows 8. For a long time, it was on the best-ranked antivirus program. Upon its release, Microsoft claimed that the antivirus offered the best protection to users and that there would be no need for installing any other third-party software. The announcement drove many users of Windows 8 into confusion, as they could not decide whether to install third-party antivirus programs on their machines and devices or to leave MSE as the only protection.

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Malware threats are not stagnant. Malware authors are an active group that keeps releasing new threats on an almost daily basis. Microsoft continues assuring its users of the reliability and effectiveness of its Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 8. Microsoft made MSE specifically for Windows. Thus the chances of the antivirus program failing to deter, identify and deal with malware threats is almost non-existent. Lately, there have been calls advising users to increase the protection on their devices by installing third-party programs in addition to MSE.

Some of the third-party antivirus programs that would work well with MSE include AVG and Norton. However, despite installing the third-party software, you should ensure that MSE retains its place as the foundational protection. Where MSE performs better than all third-party antivirus programs is in system compatibility. None of the other third-party programs has been able to replicate MSE’s success in this regard. In fact, MSE works perfectly well with all versions of Windows without interfering with primary memory and other similar resources.

Microsoft has gone further to state that it is collaborating with other companies that make third-party antivirus programs. The purpose of the collaboration is to help Microsoft improve the performance of MSE so that it can engage in successful fights against the malware threats and codes that the authors release while targeting Windows. Microsoft has gone ahead to engage Norton, which enjoys the reputation of being one of the greatest manufacturers of antivirus programs in the world today, with a view of coming up with a joint approach.

The reason Microsoft has opted to engage Norton, AVG and Avast is because of the compatibility of these third-party antivirus programs with windows. Upon installation, AVG will provide you with adequate anti-spyware protection just as Microsoft Security Essentials does. On the other hand, Microsoft asks its users not to run more than one antivirus protection at a time in Windows. Any person who runs a third-party antivirus protection simultaneously with MSE will succeed in turning off the latter.

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Any person who prefers using 360 Total Security will be glad to note that this third-party antivirus program enjoys compatibility with the older versions of Windows such as Windows XP.

Thus far, Microsoft Security Essentials is better than all third party antivirus programs in the area of compatibility with all versions of Windows. Until the day when the other third party antivirus programs will improve their compatibility with all versions of Windows, they will continue ranking lower than MSE.