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Globally, the antivirus industry is one of the fastest growing.

The fact that the world now has more devices used for browsing and working on documents has made the demand for antivirus software to increase manifold. The debate regarding antivirus software is often between the free and paid for programs. Buying Antivirus has several benefits. Opting to use free Antivirus also has several benefits as shown below.

  • Good for the Pocket


The fact that you do not pay a dime for the free antivirus means that your money remains intact, and you can use it for other purposes. The fact that you can provide your device or computer with the protection it needs against viruses and malware threats without parting with your hard-earned cash is good news for most users of the free antivirus. The downside is that you might have to install some toolbars or have no way of protecting yourself against unwanted ads.

  • Offers Protection at No Cost

Normally, one has to part with a lot of money to enjoy protection against viruses as well as malware threats. However, with free antivirus, there will be no money to pay, but your device and computer will continue benefiting from protection. If you use the device or computer to browse the Internet on a regular basis, doing so with the free antivirus would also offer you the much-needed protection.

  • Option of Testing Several Products

This is one of the major benefits of installing free antivirus. The fact that there is no money or fee to pay gives you the right to try several products before settling on one that you would be willing to pay for and use. With commercial antivirus software, users do not have the luxury of testing several products before choosing one that they like. The result is that you will increase your knowledge regarding different antivirus software.

  • Uninstall Unwanted Antivirus Without Losing Financially

With the free antivirus software, you cannot use it with another program. What this means is that you have to uninstall any software that is in your device before installing the free one. Typically, you would feel bad upon the realization that the new software you recently installed has to go to create room for a different one. However, the good thing about installing the free software is that the only thing that might make you feel a bit remorseful is the time you spent on the task earlier.


The need to uninstall the previous free antivirus should not worry you sick. This is because some software can uninstall any free software they find on the device or computer before proceeding to offer it the much-needed protection against viruses and malware threats. In this regard, you will not have a justifiable reason for feeling sad about spending too much time on a task that you previously undertook and completed successfully.

Therefore, install a good free antivirus today and use it as a trial version before making up your mind on the exact software to install on the device or computer. The fact that you will not lose any money on the free software should also convince you of the benefits of installing it. The free software will be just as effective in protecting your device or computer against the possibility of attacks by viruses and other types of malware.