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If you have switched to using Gmail Inbox, you are likely to be aware of the missing features that are not only basic but also nearly as necessary.

Fortunately, Google has updated this app with some new features that will surely make your Inbox smarter. Among the various features, here we will discuss about the top five powerful features of this app and these are— Undo sent emails, emojis and new themes, no attachment limits the all new Google contacts and last, but not the least, a Pinterest in your inbox. Let’s discuss these features in brief.

Powerful Features of Gmail App

  1. Undo sent emails: For a long time, Google has been experimenting with this feature in its innovative Gmail lab and finally the experiment has come out successfully, with the ‘undo sent email’, which is rolled out to be a part of Gmail forever. If you send an email to any recipient accidentally, you will now get the option ‘undo send’. However, you can avail this option between 5 to 30 seconds.  Below you will get the instructions on how to avail it:

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  1. Click the gear in the top
  2. Select settings
  3. Scroll down to undo sent in the default general settings and click enable
  4. Set the cancellation period between 5 to 30 seconds
  5. Click save changes at the bottom of the general settings page
  1. Emojis and new themes: The internet’s most popular language is emojis, which means emoticons. Emojis can surpass languages and therefore, it naturally supports any form of text communication. Google, in its new app has announced that it is going to include a plethora of emoticons to Gmail.

To use an emoji, you need to click on the insert emoticons icon on your compose window and choose any of them. The emojis are rolling out to all the users and if you can’t find them yet, be patient, they are coming soon. Along with the emojis, Google has added a whole new bunch of new themes. Now you can customize the themes by using three editing tools such as, vignette, blur and text background.

To change your inbox themes—

  1. Click the gear button at the top right
  2. Click on themes
  3. Choose a theme from Google’s featured options and upload your own
  4. Add text, vignette or light or dark background according to your choice
  1. No attachment limits: For a long time, Gmail limited the size of the attachment file to 25 MB. While this limit still exists, it is good that now you can integrate Google drive with Gmail. Google drive offers a minimum 15 GB of unified cloud storage to Gmail. Therefore, if you want to send a file of above 25 MB, you can simply insert it through Google option, which you can see in the compose window. If you are a Dropbox user, Google drive offers the same feature for Dropbox as well.


  1. All new Google contacts: If you click the drop down menu in the top left corner of your inbox, you will find the option ‘contacts or tasks’. This all new feature of Gmail is truly excellent. It can merge multiple contacts into one and automatically update your contact info, such as your phone number, Google plus profile and so on.
  2. Pinterest in your inbox: Almost two years ago, Gmail introduced the category tab feature for Inbox which helps in sorting your emails in different sections such as primary, social, promotion and so on. The promotion tab is really useful to avoid the clutter of sales emails. Since promotion is all about great deals, Gmail is introducing a visual oriented way of looking at emails i.e. it has adopted the title of Pinterest look. To get this feature, you need to sign up at and opt for it. In a few days, you will see a new grid view in your promotion tab.

These are the five most powerful features of the Gmail app that helps making your inbox smarter on various aspects.