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The news has leaked a couple of weeks earlier than Sony intended it to.

However, it is all good news for the gamers, because the PS4 3.0 system software update brings an amazing list of new features and tweaks.

The Playstation 4 console is already one of the hottest selling devices around the globe. Even though, it lacks a strong line-up of exclusive titles, more are coming in the following months and in 2016.


Meanwhile, such additional features allow the players to enjoy the console like never before, because they could now broadcast games they are playing on YouTube and even upload a quick clip to Twitter. There’s more to it!

New Software Update

The information was first revealed by a Japanese website named Pocket News after which it was confirmed by the players in multiple forums. The beta testing for the PS4 3.0 software is under progress at the moment and the features were leaked by those who are part of the testing community.

Important New Features

Events – A brand new feature which allows the players to keep track of all the events that happen in the Playstation world. Be it PS4, PS3 or any platform, you will be immediately notified. It makes it much easier to know more about it, watch them live and take part in it if you qualify. The concept is very similar to the Twitch community.

Find Friends in Community – Community is a feature which has been designed to make it easy for players to find people with similar interests. Communities can be created where the fans of a particular game series can join and even find friends to play with. It is especially useful for finding a buddy for multiplayer matches.

Shared Play – Games that are currently being played can be shared, new parties can be created and so on. It includes group chat, messaging and much more.

The revamped message screen allows players to easily start a chat or a group party to commence a game. The ability to stream live content on YouTube and add 10 second clips to Twitter are relatively new features.

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New configuration and share settings will be introduced when the PS4 3.0 system software update is rolled out. There are plenty of other additions, including a news room, add stamp to new messages, bluray support and limit for game launches to restrict kids from playing too long or checking out inappropriate titles. Parental control will block adult content to safeguard young gamers.