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If you’re keen on getting your hands on the OnePLus 2 and don’t want to wait for an invite, welcome to the club. You’re not the only person out there to want this and apparently someone else already figured out a way to “breach the system”. Keep on reading to find out how you can get your hands on an invite, get one in a flash or purchase the OnePlus 2 without needing an invite.

Get your OnePlus 2 invite now!

If you’re interested in getting the OnePlus 2 by simply waiting to receive an invitation, here is what will happen:

OnePlus 2

  • Start by registering on the long waiting list. Head-ups: the OnePlus community users will be at the top of the waiting list, so staying committed and faithful does come with rewards after all.
  • You can join in one of the contests that are put out there by OnePlus. The #WWYDF2 contest is one example and it just ended with 22 prizewinners. So keep your eyes and ears wide open on the forums and other social media platforms because such contests represent an actual chance.
  • You can ask one of your friends who has already bought a OnePlus 2 to give you an invite. So, it doesn’t hurt to know some people that know some people.

Obtaining a OnePlus 2 invite “Jake Cooper style”

Of course it is not advisable to try and eschew the waiting list to grab a OnePlus 2 invitation. It’s important that the order of the lineup is respected. However, there is a way for the really restless ones to jump a few steps if they are strong-willed.

There is the man who found a loophole in the system and his name is Jake Cooper. Apparently he figured out a code and shared the whole waiting list URL with everyone. But, he did give the OnePlus a heads-up of his masterful trick, so they managed to fix it right away. He of course felt provoked and wanted to prove he can do it again. You can find his method available on Github.

OnePlus 2 ,Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update

OnePlus 2, the version where you don’t need an invite

Just be on the lookout for the best deals of the moment on sites like Amazon or eBay. Remember that the OnePlus “limited goods” deals are another great alternative to get your hands on the device. But because the stock is limited, you may or may not be amongst the lucky owners of a OnePlus 2.