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Motorola’s Moto G 3rd gen is the most popular smartphone around the globe right now.

For just $180, it is easily a kickass device that allows users to make phone calls easily, send messages, and watch movies and much more.

While critics have been wondering what makes it popular, for customers like you, here are the top most features that make the device a must buy without questions.

Waterproof Capability

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For an everyday phone, waterproof capability matters a lot. People tend to drop it in a pool, tub or any other location. The Moto G 3rd gen is more than capable of resisting water at least until you could retrieve it back. The back panel is extremely sturdy, and it has been rated with IPX 7 waterproof that ensures it doesn’t die even if completely immersed in a tub of water for a couple of minutes.

Amazing Rear Camera

Every review confirmed that the new phone has the best camera in the budget segment. The device is powered by a solid 13-megapixel camera in the rear. It is powered by a dual-LED flash system that ensures best quality pictures even in dimly lit conditions. You can go through a couple of sample shots to confirm how powerful the rear camera is. The front is equally powerful and great for selfie pictures.

Textured Back Panel

Another prominent reason to go for the new Moto G is the textured, rubber back panel. It feels exceptionally good in the hand, and if someone said this phone costs below than $200, no one would believe you.

If you prefer to go with the 2GB RAM version, the price is slightly higher. However, with Moto Maker now available for the phone, you can customize the phone in any way as you wish.

Customization Options


The phone has the best customization offered in recent times powered by the Moto Maker. The only problem is that it is available in specific regions, and not everyone will be able to make use of them. You can try to import one or purchase it on an international website so that they could ship it to your country.

There are a wide range of color choices available for the Moto G 3rdGen,which makes it extremely appealing for people to all age groups. Just buy it and you are sure to enjoy using a contemporary phone at least for the next one year.