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Minecraft is one of the best games out there, which is available for PC, consoles and even mobile devices.

In addition, this is one of the games that you can enjoy playing with your kids, so in case you want to have some fun time with your kid while at home, you can always try this game out.

minecraft-pocket-edition (6)

The Minecraft snapshot 15w33b has been released and it comes with a lot of fixes. So, here are a few of the bug fixes that it comes with:

  • The Crash and Chink corruption on turning “Text” into components has been fixed
  • When summoning a mob, your game will not crash anymore
  • The lingering potions will now show correct time values
  • A new “lingering” class of potions has been added
  • Using the “/kill” command on Ender Dragon will now end the fight
  • The “cancel” and “save world” buttons have been switched
  • If you attempt to use a spawn egg on a block that’s out of range you will not get an error anymore
  • The Enderdragon will not be able to destroy end_portal and end_gateway blocks.

In case you find more bugs in Minecraft, we suggest you to report them as soon as possible to, so that the developers can fix them.

In case you don’t know how to take a snapshot in Minecraft, you should know that firstly you will need to open the launcher and select the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” (doesn’t matter the new profile name) and make sure that “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save it.


When you want to get back to the normal version, you will need to select it from the bottom left corner of the launcher.

P.S.: Before you take snapshots, we suggest you to take a backup of your world, because snapshots can corrupt it.