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A few days ago, Mojang released the Minecraft Edition Beta for Windows 10 OS. It seems that they are always working on updates, as they’ve already released version, which comes with new features and fixes.

This Minecraft Edition BETA For Windows 10 is already available for download. Here are the features and fixes that you’ll see with this new version of Minecraft Edition BETA for Windows 10:


  • Minecarts will no longer disappear when you enter the nether
  • The “Repopulation” achievement has been fixed
  • You can pull squid with a fishing rod
  • You can import the saved creative worlds to the trial version
  • You can craft nether brick slabs
  • You can keep chatting when you’re at sea
  • Spawning and respawning in the flat worlds and nether have been fixed
  • You can only mine emerald with the correct pickaxe types
  • The custom skins tab has been fixed
  • The enchanted books come with enchantment names
  • The scenario where writing signs will cause the game to instantly crash has been fixed
  • Issues with the furnaces and chests that were not working have been fixed
  • Other audio file fixes
  • Crashes for players with non-ASCII character names have been fixed.
  • The world progress saved game issue has been fixed.

As you can see, the developers of Minecraft have been working pretty hard on the new update for Windows 10. They’ve fixed a lot of bugs and added some new features, but we’re pretty sure we’ll see some new patches soon enough.

Minecraft — Story Mode: to be released soon!

It is good to know that Mojang and Telltale Games are currently working on a new game called Minecraft Story Mode. Telltale Games is the developer of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead adventure games, so we’re pretty sure that they will add a lot of cool stuff to this new Minecraft game. Minecraft — Story Mode will be a narrator-driven adventure game set in the world of Minecraft, where players’ choices will influence the story in many ways.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16 Update

The game will consist of five episodes — and the first episode will be released this year!

Here is the trailer of the upcoming Minecraft – Story Mode:

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