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One of the pleasures of owning an Apple device is the many features that it allows the user to enjoy.

However, some people are livid at the news that Google – which owns YouTube – plans to end the support it has offered to this particular app on Apple devices. What most users fail to realize is that the news by Google only applies to specific devices, which are the first-generation as well as second-generation Apple gadgets.

If the shutting down of the much older YouTube apps has made you think that the Apple device you own is no longer attractive, then it is the time you rethink your stance. This is because, as previously stated, the shutdown does not apply to all Apple devices. Second, Google has designed the shutdown in such a manner that it will lead to release better API-related changes and features that the company intends to introduce.

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Specifically, the announcement by Google regarding YouTube apps will affect Apple devices made in 2012 and much earlier. Any post-2012 device will not suffer the effects of the shutdown, and the owners will have no reason for discarding their gadgets out of anger.

Therefore, any person who owns a third-generation device – including TVs as well as the version 7 and 8 of iOS – will be safe to continue enjoying all the new features that YouTube has.

A list of the devices that the shutdown has affected includes the following

  1. Blu-Ray players
  2. Sony TVs
  3. Panasonic TVs
  4. Sony Playstation Vista
  5. Older Apple TV – including the first and second generation
  6. Older Smart TVs
  7. Older set-top boxes such as Direct TV
  8. All devices that run on versions 1 and 2 of Google TV

Similarly, a list of devices that will not suffer the ignominy of not being able to run the latest version of YouTube includes the following:

  • Android devices
  • Apple iPhone as well as iPad that runs on iOS 7 or the latest version
  • Third generation model of Apple TV
  • Versions 3 and 4 of Google TV
  • Android TVs
  • Smart TVs as well as Blu-Ray players made in the pre-2013 era
  • Streaming devices such as Chromecast, Western Digital and Roku

A person who owns iOS 7 or any latest version should feel free to download the YouTube app and enjoy watching or streaming videos. The app is available for download from the App Store. The other alternative for a person with iOS 7 or any latest version is to visit through the mobile browser to access and use YouTube. This is applicable for the latest models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Apple

For people with the third generation Apple TVs, the best way of enjoying the newest version of YouTube is updating the software. Upgrading the YouTube app is the most effective way for a person with a device that runs version 3 or 4 of Google TV. Open Settings, and then Customer Support, before going to Android Version to determine the version of Google TV on which your device runs.