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Installing Skype on Windows 10 should not bother you.

This is because of the announcement that Skype will come preinstalled on Windows 10. It seems that this issue is of great concern to a large number of users, especially after the announcement that using the desktop version is what Microsoft expects from everyone. The reason for this is that Microsoft has deemed it appropriate to shutter the Modern Skype.

Microsoft has gone further to promise that it will soon release a Universal version of Skype. In fact, representatives from Skype went further to state that they plan to deliver lightweight UWP apps that will be great for calling, messaging and videos. The representatives alluded to the fact that they plan to release such apps to cater to the needs of users who desire nothing more than simplicity and efficiency.


The fact that the apps above will be inbuilt on Windows 10 means that users are assured of the same experience whether they prefer using PCs, tablets or phones. The user experience will not be dependent on the type of device or gadget.

However, users with a bias for Skype who desire the experience that it provides can look forward to the full app coming with the Windows 10.

It is worth remembering that Skype is now under the ownership of Microsoft, hence the reason it comes as an in-built app on Windows 10, which is also a product of the same company. Despite coming as an in-built app, users still need to set Skype up before using it. To do this, users have to log in to their Microsoft account. After logging on, users have to identify the Start menu and click on it.

After clicking on the Start menu, users should now click on the Skype icon, which is located on the right side. It might be necessary to scroll through the entire Start menu to get to the Skype icon though this happens only occasionally. If this is your first time, the app will ask your permission regarding the use of microphone and webcam. Feel free to click on either Allow or Block. Remember that blocking will make voice and video chatting impossible.

You should now wait until Skype completes configuring all the basic settings. A different procedure is available for people who already possess Skype accounts or have been using the app. Such users would need to click the button marked “I have a Skype account”. When the next window opens, such users should click on the picture icon as a way of signing into their existing Skype accounts.

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Finally, never fail to agree to the terms and conditions. More importantly, do not sign out or leave the process until the Skype account created on your behalf is ready, and you are logged in successfully. As shown here, the procedure for setting up the Skype account on Windows 10 is simple and easy to follow. Do not forget that you need a Microsoft account to be able to create or set up the Skype account.