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Google Play Store is no stranger to every Android, device user.

This store houses different applications, both for free and at specific prices. The truth about these apps is that they are all worth downloading, and all you need to do is to be sure you need a specific app on your device.

All over the world, the Play Store has been ranked to be one of the best in the world and is compared mostly to App Store, which is for iOS devices. The app category list from which downloads can be made on Google Play Store is endless. There is the eBooks, Finance, Social Networking, Games, Photo, Videos, Videos, Music, News, Security, and others.

Every single day, there are new apps added to the Play Store, and this brings a whole lot of confusion, especially in deciding which app is the best. However, this article will compile some of the best apps for 2015 that you need to have on your device.

Opera Max App

Opera Max has been designed to provide users with the opportunity to reduce the size of pictures and videos while they are downloaded. This is done by the app increasing the loading speed of the site. This can save you up to 50% where data consumption is concerned. So, you get to save your data and still have all the pictures and videos you need downloaded. This is why it is the best app for data management in the year 2015. One other good news about this app is that it is free.

Clean Master App

Having a slow device can be very irritating. However, downloading and installing the Clean Master app on your device will get rid of all the junk on your device and make it flow freely. With the Junk File Cleaning feature this app brings, you can scan and get rid of all cache and residual files on your device. All of these add up to increase the speed of your device. Also, it is free, and it can help to free space on your device as well.

Pocket App

This app helps you to save videos and articles that you find online for viewing later on. When you run out of data, this app can be a lifesaver, because it is just right for pocket devices and is free.

Facebook Messenger App

Although there are so many people interested in bringing down the throne of Facebook, it still has the world by storm. Today, most Android users will give anything to have Facebook Messenger app downloaded and installed to their devices. This is because it helps them chat with loved ones on Facebook without visiting the site. This app is also free.