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These applications are very different, but they handle similar tasks, giving users information about the places they want to explore in the future. Google Maps offers street maps, street view maps (360° panoramic views), satellite imagery and even time traffic conditions etc., while Google Earth offers a 3D globe, after getting images obtained from satellites.

The users will see images of Earth’s surface, and they’ll look at houses from above or from an oblique angle. Below, you’ll find out more about these two applications and what their roles are.

Google Maps  


This application is very easy to use and it will help you get to a destination by giving you street maps with their names, but the satellite images aren’t updated in real time, so the information may not be very accurate all the time.

However, you will get turn-by-turn navigation and points of interest, no matter if you’re walking or driving your car, or even using a public transit.

You’ll be informed about the traffic and you’ll get suggestions about the navigation routes, so you won’t get lost in a foreign city. But if you’ll want to use the Street View and zoom out, the resolution may not be very high in 2D. Overall, the application covers 95% of what the users need to know, before going on a trip or if they want to travel to another country.

Google Earth

This application is perfect for explorers, because they can see more detailed information about the places they want to study. They will get real images of the streets and buildings, so you will get an idea of how tall these constructions are. The application includes full 3D rendering and higher resolutions, even if you’re zooming out to the maximum. Google Earth will also give points of interest on which you’ll tap to get information from Wikipedia.

google-earth (3)

There is also the Street View, but you’ll notice some discrepancies when moving between a satellite view and Street View, because the pictures may be older and in the meantime, the places may have been changes.

But, if you don’t want to use this application to get directions to a restaurant, or hotel, it’s great for exploring new cities, without leaving your home.