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The Google Earth Pro app can be found on Google Play Store. In the past, this was a pretty costly app with a price marked at $399/year, but this is no longer the case.

Now, everyone can get their hands on the Google Earth Pro app because it’s free of charge. The fluctuating prices for the app began back in January and took everyone by surprise when it finally made its services available, fee free.

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If you are familiar with the app, then you know all of the perks that come with it, if not you should definitely try it out, so that you can enjoy this neat mapping experience.

All about the Google Earth Pro app

It first came out 14 years ago and at the beginning it was meant to target only organizations and major corporations. Only in 2005 the app started to be used by the rest of the day to day consumers. Then the app expanded to all sorts of devices and home computers.

In 2008 the Google Earth app was released to all browsers and to the first-rate operation systems, which were back then iOS and Android. And now you can get it for free right from the Google Play Store.

The Google Earth Pro is a more polished variant of the Google Earth App. The Pro in the name meant that if you wanted to have access to premium features you needed to pay for them. And the costs were not for everyone’s pocket. If you were someone who traveled a lot to distant and unknown locations, then this was the app for you and one that was worth every penny.

Besides mapping, Google Earth Pro permitted users to actually create short movies and to import GIS info. You can also perform #D building measurements as well as get an estimate height of the establishments for instance.

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Also if you’re not actually traveling, the experience is pretty realistic. It allows you to turn left and right, go back and forward as well as follow directions to a certain place.

So enjoy virtual tours all around the world with the Google Earth Pro now free of charge!