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Today, every single piece of new or updated software seems to be a complete a work-in-progress. Same is the case with the new Windows 10 – it’s definitely better than Windows 8 but might not give users a seamless and smooth experience. This is because the Windows 10 operating system has some serious bugs or issues.

This doesn’t at all mean that Windows 10 is a complete disaster as a number of people have upgraded it with no issues at all. But for those who are experiencing some problems, the below mentioned tips should help.

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In this article, we have covered 3 of the worst issues that people were facing in Windows 10 along with their solutions:

Battery life issue

The first issue is indeed pretty much serious – one that many Windows 10 users have been complaining about – issue regarding the battery life. This is typically a real issue whenever there’s a new update in an operating system.

Firstly, if your battery is draining fast then you need to check if there’s a driver fix or a firmware available. Research has shown that the regular automatic updates that Windows 10 downloads and installs in the background are a prominent reason for the poor battery life. Thus, if your battery level seems to drop quickly, updates are to blame. Simply turn off the automatic updates to resolve this issue.

Default file associations issue

Another issue is of the default associations with some certain type of files. Windows 10 automatically removes the default file associations that we carefully put in place in Windows 8.1. It is pretty annoying but not difficult to fix. Simply open the Settings app and click System and then select Default apps. Another way is to right-click on a file in the File Explorer, select ‘Open with’ and then ‘Choose another app’ option. Check the box ‘Always use this app’ as you choose a new program.

Reboot loops issue after updating

The new update of Windows 10 caused a number of users to get stuck in a reboot loop. From this issue, it looks like Microsoft isn’t yet perfect at the update and patch process. If you’re easy hacking around in the registry, there’s a method for repairing it and getting your system properly working again.

Compatibility issues

There are also compatibility issues with older apps. Although Windows 10 has been in its testing stage for a long time now, but still there are some apps that don’t like working with it or aren’t compatible with it – usually the older ones. The solution for this issue is that you can keep checking for the latest updates to the program – try checking the forums for the apps or directly contacting the developer.

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Also, the compatibility mode is available and correct in Windows 10, so users can try that as well. You need to just right-click on an executable file, select Properties and then open the Compatibility tab. From there, you will find the specific program running, as if it were employing a different version of Windows. This solution is not guaranteed but it might help you out.

Other issues

There are so many different configurations of software and hardware out there that it’s really difficult to provide particular troubleshooting advice. But reinstalling or uninstalling apps and devices works. It forces the OS to start from scratch with your programs. New updates for Windows 10 are releasing every other day, so you just have to wait for the right patch or driver update to release.

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