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There is no shortage of antivirus programs to choose and install on your Mac.

For this reason, knowing how to choose the best out of the multitude of antivirus programs available in the market today is the toughest job for many Mac users. It is often much easier to work with what the computer had initially or opt for a program that a friend recommended.

Knowing whether any antivirus program is suitable for your Mac is the best decision you can make. Many users recommend installing the AVG antivirus, but how good is it on Mac?

Avira vs. AVG 2

Before choosing any antivirus program for your Mac, including AVG, it would be prudent to test it based on the following criteria:

  1. effectiveness
  2. performance
  3. usability

By testing the antivirus based on these qualities, you will not struggle in making an informed decision as to whether AVG is the best for your Mac or not. Whatever you do, buying the antivirus is the best move. Free antivirus programs are limited in several ways, thus the wrong choice for your powerful Mac. It is also advisable to limit your options to the known and renowned antivirus programs instead of going for the new releases that nobody has tried for the safety of the machine.

Historically, the demand for antivirus programs for Mac has been low compared to what exists for Windows. This is because of the ability of the OS X by Apple to withstand all forms of malware or malicious attacks. Despite this quality in Mac, the future presents an unknown threat due to the projected rise in the number of malware and viruses. The increased sales of Apple products and a large number of Mac owners presents the real possibility that soon there shall be an upsurge in malware attacks geared specifically towards Mac machines.

The Mac should remain free of viruses and be capable of withstanding any form of malware threat. More importantly, the Mac needs to continue working smoothly. Fortunately, installing AVG provides the Mac with these benefits and more. AVG has an intuitive interface through which you will be able to manage its security settings. The intuitive interface will also allow you to run a complete scan on the Mac wherever you want to thus ensure that the machine continues enjoying total protection against malware and virus.


Moreover, AVG is capable of dealing exhaustively with all threats that are specific to the Mac. In addition to this, AVG has no trouble dealing with threats that target the PC as well as the mobile gadgets. Installing this particular antivirus will provide you with peace of mind knowing that the machine has enough protection, thus incapable of sharing viruses with the other devices and PCs. The antivirus program also protects you from the possibility of sharing viruses and malware with the other Android users.

Therefore, if you have ever wondered about the kind of antivirus software to install on your Mac for added protection, this information should point at the wisdom of opting for AVG. Install AVG today and enjoy enhanced protection wherever you are on the Mac machine.